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    Principles of Magic Workshop

    Psychology of Magic Workshop

  • Magic workshops for schools, academies, colleges, business and societies.

    Presented by Steve Drury , professional performer and consultant  

    Magic workshops for Education


    • Workshops tailored for Key Stage 2 upwards
    • Looks at concepts, performance, techniques and uses
    • Can cover principles or psychology of magic
    •  Magic tuition given by group and one-to-one.
    •  Workshop options from 2 hours to 1 day
    •  Complements cross curricular disciplines
    •  An unique school, college or club reward


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    Magic workshops for Business


    • Tailored to meet key business development objectives
    • Unlock the mind-magic potential inside your team
    •  Innovative challenging experience
    •  Explore communication presentation and rapport
    •  Explore problem solving and creative thinking  
    •  Improve self-confidence and empowerment
    •  Team-building and project management tasks

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  • Principles of Magic Workshop

    Magic workshops for schools, academies, colleges and clubs

    Childrens magic workshops. School magic workshops

    Childrens Magic workshops

    What can you can expect ?


    Following an ice-breaking baffling demonstration, open discussions will cover magic, magicians, secrecy and the golden rules of magic. Each attendee will be taught the magician’s oath and sworn in as a ‘student of magic’. The workshop then becomes an informal show and interactive session, with demonstrations of the main principles of magic, psychology, techniques and methods used in creating the effects used by entertainers – and turning conclusions out to the audience. This is followed by group and one-to–one tuition and practice, also student performances depending on format.


    Each workshop can be tailored.


    The workshop format is invariably determined by the audience age, ability, duration and context within which the school or club are looking for it to be presented. As well as complementing any curricular theme or topic, the workshop is incidentally structured to teach awareness, confidence, interpersonal techniques and rapport building as well as creativity and performance.

    Inner Rapport Magic Workshops.

    Childrens magic workshops: the benefits

    All participants have the opportunity to:

    • Watch and learn magic – the psychology, techniques and methods
    • Interact, feedback and exchange ideas with a professional performer
    • Practice and perform magic concepts taught during the workshop

    The Principles of Magic workshop is a combination of an informal show, interactive discussion and tuition


    Workshops tailored for Key Stage 2 upwards

    • Looks at concepts, performance, techniques and uses
    • Magic tuition given by group and one-to-one.
    • Workshop options from 2 hours to 2 weeks
    • Complements cross curricular disciplines
    • Also ideal as an unique reward for hard work

    Complements Cross Curricular themes


    The School Magic workshops can directly involve other subjects. For example be relevant to:

    • Drama and performance arts. After all, magic is more about performance than the trick!
    • History:The cultural and social history of magic gives children a wonderful new perspective of people in the past.
    • Design and Technology: Many of the most popular magic tricks would be easily constructed in the classroom.
    • Maths: Everyone knows the phrase ‘it’s all smoke and mirrors’, in the case of magic it’s all angles and mirrors.
    • Science: Magic is a very effective tool for teaching a whole host of scientific concepts from fragile and heavy through to gravity and transparency..

    Children learn better when excited and engaged !

    • The  workshop makes an exciting and memorable day.
    • Concentration, behaviour attitude and achievement levels can improve.
    • Being part of school or team with interesting activities can help motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem.
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  • Psychology of Magic Workshop

    For higher education and business initiatives

    Psycology of magic workshop. Business magic workshop

    Advanced Magic Workshops

    This interactive workshop explores the ancient art of magicK (with a k!), mind-magic and suggestion plus the theatrical skills of conjuring, giving delegates the opportunity to learn a few effects also with an insight into the psychology, techniques and methods used in performance. Delegates will further gain first hand experience in planning, analysing and adopting professional magic effects - then discovering how easy it is to stimulate, motivate your an audiences reaction. Steve will quickly demonstrate how magic can be used increase individual and workplace confidence, self-esteem and develop personal and business awareness, communication, listening, presentation and team work skills.


    What can you expect

    • Stimulated creativity and imagination
    • Improved awareness of situations
    • Ability to look at new possibilities
    • To learn ‘’ what you already know ‘’ and how to use it!

    Following an ice-breaking baffling demonstration, open discussions will cover magic, magicians, secrecy, the golden rules of magic and similarities between business skills. The workshop continues with demonstrations of principles of magic, then delves deeper into suggestion, psychological techniques and methods used by performers – turnings conclusions out to the audience. This is then followed by group tuition and challenges.


    Workshop format options can include an emphasis on many specific skills such as presentation and communication, rapport building, lateral thinking.


    Each workshop can be tailored

    Inner Rapport Magic Workshops.

    Advanced magic workshops: the Benefits

    Business Benefits ~  Magic Techniques


    • Presentation skills / Showmanship
    • Body language / Misdirection
    • Communication / Audience interaction
    • Confidence / Show performance
    • Motor skills / Sleight of hand
    • Creative thinking / Developing routines to an effect
    • Team work & interaction   /  Reliance and encouragement by team members to perform tasks that ensure success
    • Acknowledgement / reward  /  Applause and congratulation on performance


    What will each delegate take away


    Whether held in a training or workshop environment you will leave the Psychology of Magic workshop with an unique insight into how soft skills such as communication, rapport building and positive attitude are valuable tools when embedded back into their working environment.

  • About Inner Rapport

    Inner Rapport Workshops are run by Steve Drury

    Steve Drury. Psychological Magician.

    Magic and mysteriosophy

    Steve Drury is a respected and and busy professional magician and psychological entertainer who performs across the UK and abroad, appearing at all types of events. His repertoire ranges from presenting alternative magic to more psychological entertainment, including his own brand of mysteriosophy.

    Steve is a co-founder of PSYCRETS British Society of Mystery Entertainers

    Consultant and author

    Steve Drury is an internationally acclaimed author and editor of a number of respected books, as well as the publishing editor of a specialist quarterly digest. He has collaborated with a number of other acts and consulted for performing societies too.


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    Professional membership

    Steve is also a co-founder and current committee lead member of PSYCRETS British Society of Mystery Entertainers. He is also a full member of Equity and the International Brotherhood of Magicians ... plus a few other secretive societies.

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